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Ivory Joe Hunter III wants to share his path to happiness, understanding, and growth with anyone who so graciously reads this book of Thoughts, To-Dos, Take Aways, and a personal 30 Day Challenge.THE WAKERIGHT 30 DAY CHALLENGE- The 30 Day Challenge is your very own personal challenge that you do in order to better yourself, and develop discipline in one or more areas in your life.

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"I feel the challenge is a good way to get people focused on striving to be great every day...it’s a reminder that someone is pulling for you 3000 miles away even when you don’t have the energy to pull for yourself so you in turn you get it together and get it done no matter what your best is for that day...I’ve been working so much it’s crazy and at times hard to execute your goals daily so being in a group allows you to see that other people also miss the mark as we’re in pursuit of a better us...your daily check ups makes me assess my day and encourages me to stick with it...I know some times I miss the videos but when I do get to see them they’re right in time ️...so thanks for starting the movement and it will continue to grow and I know you’ll be up for that challenge...have a great day on purpose!!"


"Loving it.... I’ve become so much more productive at work and at home. Energy level is through the roof. Attitude and mood has improved. Even feel more relaxed and not stressed at all. Thinking I’m going to extend the challenge one more day to make up for the 3 I was down...although this challenge is a game changer and becomes a life style. Have to say I’m looking forward to the next challenge"


"It's good to feel inclusive and be a part of something positive and beneficial. The accountability aspect of it is huge. The process and progression is more rewarding when you can see it. You've done a great thing by putting this together. Especially when you have a great circle of like minded folks that cherish healthy living, that makes it all the more valuable. Thank u again."